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" POWER AND ETERNITY" One mans thought.

I start by my tittle of this blog post. I state that this is one mans thought, who is not the best at words or even Scripture. Just one mans love for Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and his Country. With this said one might think this is one of those persons or even this guy has no value what so ever. What one might think is what is in one persons heart and we may intend to disagree and that is fine, but how we disagree that is the true question.

We all want power in one way or another and with that power we may want it to last for all eternity as in to leave a legacy of who we were. When we think when we have the power we need and then we see it slowly leaving we tend to turn to fear to get it back or even hatred of those we see getting the power.

Let us take for example the CEO of a large corporation any one. I say this for one may see the good or the bad of that corporation. Certainly when they are bad we all intend to see it, but when they are good that is really not seen. In any…


Many are properly wondering ? ( WHAT IS THIS PERSON TALKING ABOUT ) Let me start by if you have not notice in certain news or media organizations or just on television it self or maybe it has happen to you or someone you know and you just don't realize that you were bitten. Let us start by bring out some people that have really been bitten big time. Such as :
Did Kathy Griffin think that after what she did that there was not going to be any back lash. OH! come on REALLY!. Now we must understand she was bitten the ( VICTIMNOUS VENOMOUS ! )

Another person that was bitten this week and boy did she really get a big bite, but none other than
( PAUSE ) YES IT IS ! The one and only Hillary Clinton. OH! and does she have a list of those that did her wrong, from the DNC, RUSSIA, To let me just say this person is WELL! she really got a big bite, OBAMA. plus others she blames

Thinking outside the box, Hmmm!


I think you will find this interesting.