Like almost every Sunday is the day for church and family to get together and do the family thing.
    This day was not like most Sunday"s for me and it was not like most Easter Sunday's either no today was a special day even more than ever. What made it more was the great Homily at church that the priest gave, one what seemed a little more personal.
      Let me start this way and maybe it might not be the way to say or explain, but like I titled this Blog ! One man"walk this Easter. I can honestly say that after today the way I look at the world and things that happen in my life are going to be a little different.  I say this for some in this world my look at the world or even their personal life and say "WHY?" for maybe some that is the million dollar question at least that is the way it was for me. Why is it that this happens or that bad happens or that good happens to me, to others to the world why is that. Well today was not only Easter celebration but there is a much more of a celebration that most of us Christians celebrate this day and that is the resurrection of our Lord and Savior.   A day that Our Lord showed us that who ever believes in him will have eternal life. Yes our world today is not one of great happiness or filled with excitement, it seems more of doom and  gloom and maybe those around you are the same and yes maybe there are those who persecute you. For all of this and more for me now is to show LOVE. For our Lord said to LOVE one another as I have LOVED YOU even to those who persecute you, who make you have a bad day, or even when the world seems to be against you. For as a Christian I believe that  love will also help to lead to ETERNAL. LIFE.. For GOD so loved the world that HE gave us his only son for the forgiveness of or sins, so does that son show me eternal life this day and everyday for now on.


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